What not to recycle

Grenades and broken toilet seats put in household dustbins have resulted in whole loads of recyclable waste being rejected. They were examples of items South Cambridgeshire District Council recently found in the wrong bins, and others include

National Recycling Week

2019 has seen a wave of environmental activism take centre stage in the public eye. With this in mind, the 2019 Recycle Week is taking inspiration from this year’s surge in campaigning, focusing the week of events around the theme: ‘Recycling. It’s in our own hands.’

Plastic recycling – a guide

Recycling plastics is a daily guessing game for most householders. Cardboard, paper, metal and glass can all be tossed straight into the recycling bin if they are clean and free from grease and stains. But plastic is complicated. There is no end of fallacies and

Recycling and Cambridgeshire

Between April 2017 and March 2018, 182,965 tonnes of rubbish was recycled or composted in Cambridgeshire, according to Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs figures, placing the county near the top of the table for recycling in the UK.   Last year households in Huntingdonshire recycled